Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 21-27, 2009

This week, find out what Indiana lawmakers are preparing to do -- or not do -- about the state's insolvent unemployment insurance tust fund. Also, check out how a Perry Meridian high school teacher spends his Sundays. IBJ Publisher Chris Katterjohn one-ups Barbara Walters and shares his Top 11 personalities of 2009. And get two perspectives on the new Barbie exhibit at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis: A&E guru Lou Harry and Style columnist Gabrielle Poshadlo weigh in.

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Math teacher has spent 25 years working Colts sidelines

Steve Taylor loves to tell his NFL war stories. There’s the time he taunted Baltimore Ravens linebacker
Ray Lewis and the many times he’s been flattened by an overzealous tackler. Then there was the thrill of his Indianapolis
Colts’ clinching a trip to the Super Bowl.

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KATTERJOHN: My Top 11 personalities of 2009

I saw where Barbara Walters did her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 shtick on television recently. So with a nod
to the venerable newswoman, here’s my list of locals who got my attention
this year.

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PAYNE: How we can improve our ‘talent dividend’

We Hoosiers are starting to treat education with a sense of urgency and as something
worth achieving. This response to our city’s, state’s and country’s education crisis is reassuring, because the
stakes couldn’t be higher.

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Losing tennis event is a sad moment

As a local business owner and someone who grew up just off of Dean Road, where the first U.S. Open Clay Courts were played,
I am very saddened that the Indy Tennis Championships is leaving our city.

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