Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 21-27, 2015

The much lauded Tindley Accelerated Schools is in a cash crunch, forcing it to eliminate positions and seek loans to pay its bills as board members raise concerns about lavish travel expenses incurred by the CEO. Hayleigh Colombo details questions about Tindley’s finances and management. Also in this issue, Jared Council adds up the settlements paid by Merrill Lynch related to the alleged misconduct of one of its former star brokers. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti explains how Purdue basketball got its groove back.

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Buck settlements cost Merrill Lynch $4.1M

Former Merrill Lynch broker Thomas J. Buck used to generate millions of dollars in annual revenue for the brokerage giant. But lately, he’s been costing it millions. Merrill Lynch has paid more than $4.1 million in settlements related to Buck’s alleged misconduct since firing him in March.

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Affordable housing is achievable goal

I appreciate Lindsey Erdody’s attention to the housing issues addressed in her article [A new test for housing projects, Nov. 30 IBJ]. The article highlights the perception that it is impossible to produce housing for people of modest incomes in Hamilton County. My organization, Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development Inc., actively pursues this goal, and […]

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