Indianapolis Business Journal

DECEMBER 24-30, 2012

This week, read about plans for a grocery-anchored development in the Highland-Kessler neighborhood and find out how Indianapolis' Michael Browning got involved in corporate drama in North Carolina. In A&E, Lou Harry weighs in on the year's best films and CityWay's new eatery Cerulean.

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Land trust strategy goes national

The Central Indiana Land Trust has developed a 60-page strategy that identifies more than 300,000 acres that have conservation potential throughout the 3.1 million acres in Marion County and its eight surrounding counties.

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Andrews on point about greedy Fair investors

Kudos to Greg Andrews on his [Dec. 10] column about the Fair Finance fraud. There is no excuse for this criminal behavior, and Tim Durham and his buddies got what they had coming to them. But Andrews is spot on in highlighting the complicity of the investors in their demise.

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Roads are investment

Interesting how a Democrat liberal [Kennedy column, Dec. 3] can say, “They burden taxpayers now in diapers in order to deliver today’s services,” and ignore mentioning the fact that today’s entitlements are what the taxpayers in diapers will be paying for long after present taxpayers have enjoyed the new roads built during the Daniels era.

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