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DECEMBER 3-9, 2012

This week, find out what media observers think about the turnover at the top of local TV newsrooms and read about a small local charity's big opportunity. In Focus, see why Indiana manufacturers are struggling with new fuel standards. And our Forefront columnists weigh in on a range of issues from the marriage amendment to the war on poverty. Plus: Meet the financial gurus honored in IBJ's fifth CFO of the Year program.

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Anthem rolling out 401(k)-style medical benefits

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana will open a new online exchange to Indiana employers on Jan. 1, where workers could purchase medical benefits from a group of plans using a fixed sum of money given them by their employers.

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BrightPoint buyer Ingram Micro mulls cost-cutting

A top BrightPoint Inc. executive expects little employment change for the distribution and logistics company’s 1,100-person central Indiana work force, despite the potential for job cuts and facility closings across the country.

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CONOVER: Manufacturing still drives Indiana’s economy

It’s no secret that Indiana’s factory workers took more lumps during the Great Recession than workers in other sectors, with nearly 120,000 losing their jobs. Indeed, from the state’s manufacturing employment peak at the start of the century, our factories had shed a quarter million jobs by the recession’s end.

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KENNEDY: The long and short of it

There’s an old saying to the effect that a politician’s idea of “long term” is the next election. Our system rewards folks who can front-load the goodies and postpone the pain, even when doing so is clearly not in the long-term public interest. Budget deficits are an obvious case in point.

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FORSELL: Knowing this, how shall I act?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a couple of terrific opportunities to reflect upon the deepest things in life. One opportunity came thanks to the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, of all things, and the other from a life-threatening disease.

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HICKS: Demagoguery and the truth about taxes

The popular media lately has been full of astonishing piffle with regard to taxation—so much so that a reasonably smart listener might suppose there was some magnificent disagreement among economists, like there is among lawyers in a court case. That is not the case.

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Pacers revenue sharing will be less than reported

The Indiana Pacers are pleased that the NBA revenue sharing plan reached almost one year ago includes significant changes to the sharing among all 30 NBA teams. As was pointed out in the Nov. 26 IBJ, the Pacers’ amount will likely increase, beginning in 2013; however, the increase in 2013 will be dramatically lower than what IBJ reported.

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Ritz aims to protect teachers’ unions

J.K. Wall is to be congratulated on his [Nov. 19] exposure of the true Glenda Ritz. Her quote, “Rewriting that waiver is my most important mission,” says it all. It is clear she has no interest in continuing to achieve the education improvements made here under Tony Bennett.

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Fever overlooked

I am disappointed that [Benner column, Nov. 19] did not mention the Fever’s WNBA championship as something to be thankful for.

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Proposal would move up online sales tax collection

Two lawmakers say they plan to introduce legislation in the new year that would require and other online-only retailers with a presence in Indiana to begin collecting sales tax on July 1, 2013, six months earlier than expected.

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Holiday Wish List

The following is a list of Indianapolis-area not-for-profit organizations and the things each needs most.

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