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FEBRUARY 15-21, 2010

This week, read about what an east-west mass transit line could mean for Indianapolis' core and see what local convention chief Don Welsh says downtown soon will need. Also, Statehouse Dispatch columnist Ed Feigenbaum identifies the hot issue that will dominate the rest of the legislative sesson. And in A&E, Lou Harry gets an early look at the Indiana State Museum's new Lincoln exhibits—and takes you along on a video tour.

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Republic stock falls following departure of Frontier exec

CEO Bryan Bedford remains at the helm, but shares of Republic Airways have fallen nearly 30 percent following the departure
of an executive deemed key to the operation
of the regional airline’s first two branded carriers, Frontier Airlines and Midwest Airlines.

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Clarian, IU plan $100 million neurosciences center

Clarian Health and the Indiana University School of Medicine want their planned neurosciences hub to become a destination
for patients suffering
from brain, nerve and mental maladies—and for the government and industry research dollars that can
fuel advances in care.

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State exporters poised to benefit from Obama effort

Overseas sales are a major emphasis for Indianapolis-based Peerless Pump, which makes highly engineered pumps for fire suppression,
factories and waterworks. President Obama’s administration wants to help rebuild the U.S. economy by putting more companies
on Peerless’ trajectory.

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East-west rail line could boost Indianapolis’ core

With traffic congestion growing, the idea of sending streetcars zipping down Washington Street—from
far-east-side Cumberland to Indianapolis International Airport on the west—is making a return. And
the route could offer the best bang for the buck in spurring transit-oriented development.

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FEIGENBAUM: Remainder of legislative session will be all about jobs

House Democrats now have their opportunity to tinker with legislation sent to them by the Senate, and they will look for
every opportunity to use these miscellaneous bills to preserve and create jobs. Similarly, Senate Republicans will analyze
each piece of legislation that crossed the Statehouse Rotunda from the House to determine whether it is a “job-killer.”

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ALTOM: How the Amish make technology work for them

BusinessWeek ( has a recent story about a growing $1.8 million enterprise that’s doing
just fine without the Internet, Web site, texting, customer-resource-management software, a fax machine or a single computer.
In fact, the company doesn’t even have electricity.

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Marcus column went too far

Kudos to Morton Marcus (with tongue in cheek) for pointing out [in his Jan. 25 column] that we should all pay for health care just as we all pay
for the fire department.

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‘Avatar’ unimpressive

I enjoyed [Mickey Maurer’s Feb. 8 column] on “Avatar”! It was a refreshing counter to the media
(and social) phenomenon swirling around this (in my opinion) banal flick.

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NFP of NOTE: Camptown Inc.

Camptown Inc. challenges, mentors and teaches youth about life through outdoor adventure and nature programs that help
build confidence, character, and hope.

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