Indianapolis Business Journal

FEBRUARY 17-23, 2014

This week, Chris O'Malley reveals a new niche opening up in weather forecasting that could make the future of TV meteorologists more gloomy—Internet-based independent forecasters who provide more detailed data, sometimes for a price. Also in this issue, Dan HUman explains how a lack of infrastructure is bottlenecking Indiana's wind-powered energy market. And in A&E, Lou Harry takes the temperature of new Fountain Square nightspot Thunderbird.

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Hicks: It’s irrational to dislike most rich people

The plain fact is, of the households with earnings in the top fifth, only 0.0016 percent earn more than half their income from stock dividends. Simply put, most rich households work. It is also plainly true that someone else’s riches don’t come at the expense of the rest of us. There is not a finite amount of income.

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There’s more to the rural vs. Indy story

Richard Sullivan [Feb. 3 Viewpoint] offers the perspective that Indiana’s rural areas “stick it” to Indy when folks in rural areas don’t support urban issues. He links this long-running, alleged battle to the lack of rural support for the anti-gay amendment in the news today.

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PROXY CORNER: Bioanalytical Systems Inc.

Bioanalytical Systems Inc. (, 2701 Kent Ave., West Lafayette, 47906, provides contract-research services to the pharmaceutical industry. In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, 2013, Bioanalytical earned $773,000, or 9 cents per share, on revenue of $22.1 million. In the same period a year earlier, the company lost $6.3 million, or 88 cents per […]

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