Indianapolis Business Journal

FEBRUARY 20-26, 2012

This week, see why the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's search for a CEO may be difficult and read about how the Indiana Department of Transportation is stepping up efforts to hold drivers responsible for damage they cause. In Behind the News, Greg Andrews takes a look at transcripts of indicted financier Tim Durham's phone conversations. And in A&E, Lou Harry shares his thoughts on "Godspell."

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Ivy Tech absorbs avalanche of new students

For the past four years, Ivy Tech Community College has soaked up 60,000 extra students displaced by the recession even though the funding for new staff and facilities has not kept pace. But now Ivy Tech President Tom Snyder says the sponge is waterlogged.

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State to motorists: You break it, you buy it

Crash into a guardrail and chances are now higher that your insurer—or you—will get a repair bill from the Indiana Department of Transportation. INDOT has deployed a new way of tracking damage to state property at crash scenes and quickly collecting money from those responsible.

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Hands off my taxes

I believe IBJ [Feb. 4 editorial] misses the greater question of who is responsible for mass transit projects.

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