Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 12-18, 2015

Lids Sports Group is grappling with growing pains as it strives to expand its product line beyond hats. In this week's issue, Scott Olson explains how the company is coping with flat sales. Also in this issue, Anthony Schoettle dishes on a possible location for the $87 million soccer stadium proposed for the Indy Eleven. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry reviews Spoke & Steele, the new restaurant in the former Canterbury Hotel.

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Lids falters in expansion beyond headgear

Sales for Indianapolis-based Lids Sports Group have been so disappointing that parent Genesco Inc. within the past six months has twice cut its fiscal 2015 full-year earnings, from a high of $5.55 per share to a low of $4.75 per share.

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Schneider bill contradicts

Once marriage equality became law in Indiana, it didn’t take a crystal ball to predict the future. Now we have state Sen. Scott Schneider’s “religious freedom bill” looming over us. Schneider says his bill is meant to “shore up gaps in Indiana’s ‘religious liberty framework.’” He also says that “no one will be discriminated against […]

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Water boarding justified

Professor Sheila Kennedy [Dec. 29 Viewpoint] seems to conveniently forget two important events related to the water boarding performed on a few people who possessed vital and important information.

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