Indianapolis Business Journal

JANUARY 5-11, 2015

Two of the longest-serving mayors in Indiana happen to be in neighboring cities that have seen explosive growth since they took office. Andrea Davis examines how Carmel's Jim Brainard and Noblesville's John Ditslear have managed to stay on top. Also in this issue, Cory Schouten explains the $5.5 million legal tussle between Celadon Group and its drivers over fuel costs.

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Celadon Group Inc.

Truckers, Celadon feuding over fuel

A Marion County judge in December said Celadon Group Inc.’s practice of withholding part of its fuel savings from its owner/operator drivers breaches the terms of its agreement with 2,262 current and former drivers.

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Brown: R&D key to Interactive’s staying power

Founder Don Brown, 58, has been CEO, president and chairman of Interactive Intelligence since the company launched in 1994. He talked with IBJ recently about the tech firm’s recent milestone, its 20th anniversary.

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MADDOX: Wall Street banks on amnesia

Many Americans believed that whatever caused the Great Recession should not be permitted to happen again. Most of the country seemed to agree that Wall Street’s reckless gambling with depositors’ money should never again be able to threaten the jobs and livelihoods on Main Street.

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HICKS: Cheap petrol might lead to full-blown recovery

Because of the gasoline-price drop, businesses might be more profitable and might be able to use the extra revenue to hire more workers or make other investments. If they pass their profits on to owners, this will mean more money for retirees and other stockholders.

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Colts sign exclusive TV deal with WXIN, WTTV

Beginning next season, the Colts' pre-season games will be broadcast on either WXIN-TV or WTTV-TV. In addition, programs such as “The Coaches Show with Chuck Pagano” and “Colts Up Close” will air on the stations.

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