Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 21-27, 2014

Two friends have turned their enthusiasm for drones into a manufacturing operation projected to produce up to $10 million in revenue next year. IBJ's Dan Human has the story on AirDroids and its briefcase-sized Pocket Drone. Also this week, Andrea Davis profiles an Anderson-based financial planner who uses cookikng lessons to teach fiscal principles. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry conducts an exit interview with Theatre on the Square's Ron Spencer, a foundational figure in local contemporary theater.

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Drone startup off to flying start

Two friends and drone enthusiasts in 2012 hatched the idea, as a side gig, to build flying devices small enough to fit in a briefcase. But the idea shifted to a full-scale manufacturing operation that will launch in mid-August and is projected to produce up to $10 million in revenue next year.

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Hospitals’ occupancy declining over long term

Advances in non-invasive surgeries, changes in health care financing and now increasingly price-sensitive patients accelerate what has been a 40-year decline in the number of patients spending the night in hospitals.

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Kite CEO ‘not afraid to continue to grow’

In an interview with IBJ, Kite Realty Group Trust CEO John Kite discusses the $1.2 billion acquisition of Illinois-based Inland Diversified Real Estate Trust, potential redevelopment of Pan Am Plaza and its hopes to keep a branch of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library at Glendale Town Center.

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EDITORIAL: Hogsett could spark debate

Joe Hogsett’s July 14 announcement that he’ll step down as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Indiana at the end of the month renewed speculation that he will run for mayor of Indianapolis next year. And to that prospect we can only say, bring it on

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RUSTHOVEN: Lawsuit could rein in Obama overreach

Speaker John Boehner’s plans to have the House file a lawsuit challenging President Obama’s refusals to enforce federal laws has elicited predictable derision in liberal and media circles (which overlap on a Venn diagram).

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WFYI isn’t unbiased

Anthony Schoettle’s [June 23] article “Less news, more talk” bemoans the loss of Steve Simpson and states, “With Simpson’s departure, the only local station that still employs non-opinion-oriented news hosts is WFYI.”

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More taxes to fund cops

The idea of more police is a great idea. However, the idea to take away the homestead exemption to fund it shows how out of touch the politicians are. Removing the exemption only places the onus on homeowners.

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Spec distribution center fully leased in Anson

A joint venture between developers Browning Investments Inc. and Duke Realty Corp. announced July 15 that Chattanoogo Tenn.-based Kenco, a third-party logistics provider, has taken the remaining 257,000 square feet.

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PROXY CORNER: Vectren Corp.

Evansville-based Vectren Corp. provides electricity and natural gas to residential, commercial, industrial and other contract customers in Indiana and Ohio.

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