Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 22-28, 2013

Indianapolis is in the final stages of preparing a bid for the 2018 Super Bowl, but it's not a done deal. Anthony Schoettle picks the brain of bid committee leader Allison Melangton to unpack the factors that could keep the city from entering the hyper-competitive fray. In Behind the News, Greg Andrews explains why investment advice juggernaut Oxford Financial Group was ordered to pay $2.2 million to an unsatisfied client. And in Focus, Chris O'Malley communes with luxury car afficionados in the nine-county area and reveals which communities have the greatest concentrations of Jaguars, Acuras, Teslas and the like.

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City close to launch of 2018 Super Bowl bid

Allison Melangton, CEO of the city’s 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee and leader of the 2018 Super Bowl Bid Committee, is promising to come up with another attention-grabber to deliver the bid early next May—if the city proceeds with a bid as expected.

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Will residential boom end commercial bust in West Clay?

Residential construction is booming in The Village of West Clay, the already-sprawling Carmel development designed to mimic small-town life at the turn of the (last) century. But not everything has gone according to Brenwick Development’s ambitious plans. Two commercial nodes remain largely undeveloped, and one property owner’s legal woes led to several high-profile vacancies that have yet to be filled.

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Marian’s med school quest was leap of faith

Marian University, a small Catholic college started by Franciscan nuns, next month will launch just the second medical school in Indiana. Marian President Dan Elsener is credited with pulling off the audacious move with a mix of big dreaming, careful planning, deft networking and “don’t take no for an answer” fundraising.

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Small-business group absorbed by state was ailing

Gov. Mike Pence in June signed an executive order that folded a tiny northern Indiana not-for-profit called Partners in Contracting Corp. into a new state Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. What he didn’t say was that Partners in Contracting was in trouble and likely would have folded operations had the state not stepped in.

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Mighty Oxford Financial loses big case with client

An arbitrator ordered the Carmel financial-advisory firm to pay $2.2 million to Reid Hospital & Health Services of Richmond. The dispute involved a delay in executing trades in 2011 that the hospital alleged cost it $2.5 million.

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PROXY CORNER: The Finish Line Inc.

Indianapolis-based The Finish Line Inc. is a specialty retailer of brand-name athletic and leisure footwear, activewear and accessories. The company operates 652 stores and manages the athletic-shoe inventory in 660 Macy’s stores. It also operates 38 specialty running stores in 11 states and Washington, D.C., under The Running Company banner.

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RUSTHOVEN: A responsibility to ‘censor’ Zinn

Using the headline “Daniels looked to censor opponents,” the Associated Press reported last week that former Gov. Mitch Daniels “pledged to promote academic freedom when he became president of Purdue University in January, but newly released emails show he attempted to eliminate what he considered liberal ‘propaganda’ at Indiana’s public universities while governor.”

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Lilly freezes pay for workers, executives

The pay freeze will save $400 million through 2016, said a spokesman for the Indianapolis-based company. Lilly won’t give pay raises to executives, supervisors or most employees. Some bonuses will also be reduced.

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