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JUNE 11-17, 2012

This week, meet Schneider Corp.'s CEO and find out how she's helping the family firm survive. Also, see what the top executive at Angie's List has been up to since scoring a $7.1M incentives deal with the city. In Focus, read about how schools in other cities have fared under mayoral control. And in A&E, Lou Harry is in myth-busting mode.

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Orthopedic startups attracting big money

The Warsaw area is well-known as the home of gigantic orthopedic implant companies and their suppliers. But now a handful of startups have been able to raise nearly $25 million in equity investments despite the recession—putting a bit more fuel into a fairly stagnant entrepreneurial sector.

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Mayors have mixed record leading schools

The question at the heart of this year’s debate over the future of Indianapolis Public Schools is whether the district should be placed in the hands of Indianapolis’ mayor. But when mayors take control of bad schools, test scores usually rise but challenges don’t go away.

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Liquor laws necessary

Greg Morris’ [June 4] commentary calling for further deregulation of Indiana’s alcohol laws is simply reckless and uninformed, as we have one of the most deregulated alcohol markets.

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Liquor laws are absurd

Thank you for the intelligent and cogent commentary [June 4] on our less-than-intelligent and cogent liquor laws, clearly a holdover from the temperance days now serving a narrow group with good lobbyists.

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IU research leads to new genetic test

It took the identification of 19 different genes for researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine to develop a test for a rare form of cancer. But their gene-hunting has paid off, as a Texas-based company announced Monday the test is available for doctors to use.

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