Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 17-23, 2013

In this week's issue, we detail allegations in an explosive lawsuit filed by one of the best-known families in the Indianapolis corporate world, against one of the biggest names in retailing. Tomisue Hilbert has accused hardware-store magnate John Menard Jr. of pressuring her to have sex with him. The suit claims that Menard then launched a battle to remove her husband, Steve Hilbert, as CEO of the Indianapolis-based private equity funds the three of them started in 2005. Also in this issue, we take a closer look at Carmel-based developer Mainstreet Property Group and how it has tapped government support to help grow its portfolio of skilled nursing facilities. And we present the "Indiana 100," our annual compendium of the biggest and fastest-growing companies in the state, both private and public.

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Veteran custom homebuilder taking prefabs downtown

Ursula David is out to dispel the perception that modular homes are little more than glorified double-wides. David, who started Ursula David Homes 20 years ago, is concentrating on a new project, Indy Mod Homes, and is targeting an unlikely place for the prefabs—the urban core.

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Hicks: Manufacturing turns out remarkably good news

I am always reluctant to fill this column with my recent research, but last week’s release of the annual Conexus Manufacturing Scorecard begs comment. Indiana did much better in the cost of worker benefits and continued to lead in the size of manufacturing and logistics. Indiana also ranked third in the pace of manufacturing recovery […]

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New light on lightbulbs

I felt it necessary to fact-check Sheila Kennedy concerning her [June 3] column about conservative reaction to the environment.

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Maurer gets it right on marriage equality

I’m amazed at how many don’t understand the difference between civil marriage—the one that government sanctions—and religious marriage, the one ordained by religious institutions [Maurer Commentary, May 27].

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Head-swap performed on WTHR general manager

Someone apparently forgot to tell Pablo Pereira, the weatherman at Fox affiliate KTTV-TV Channel 11 in Los Angeles, that he’d been promoted to president and general manager of WTHR-TV Channel 13 in Indianapolis.

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