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MARCH 26-APRIL 1, 2012

This week, read about N.K. Hurst's decidedly unsexy product, which nevertheless fills pantry shelves and company coffers, and see why state legislators will spend the summer looking into key parts of Tony Bennett's education reforms. And in At Home Quarterly, check out a photo gallery of Paul and Sarah Lushin's Carmel playhouse.

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Much smaller project would fill former Venu site

A parcel of overgrown bank-owned property with a leaky roof at the southwest corner of East 86th Street and Keystone Avenue may finally be poised for redevelopment: A Wisconsin firm has the 6.4 acres under contract and is putting together plans for a retail strip, a couple of restaurants and possibly a hotel.

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HICKS: State smoking ban recognizes value of life

The workplace smoking ban signed by Gov. Mitch Daniels this week was a much-needed law. Of course, my Libertarian friends will object to its intrusion on liberty, and my leftist friends will say it didn’t go far enough. To them I ask, “What are you smoking?”

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Smoking ban is an accomplishment

Indiana will now protect 95 percent of people while at work and also allow citizens to eat at any restaurant in the state without having to encounter cigarette or cigar smoke.

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