Indianapolis Business Journal

MARCH 8-14, 2010

This week, see why tongues are wagging about the possibility of software firm Aprimo attempting an IPO and find out what happened to the six job seekers IBJ profiled a year ago. In Focus, check out a transcript of our Going Green power breakfast--and watch video exerpts of the panel discussion. And in A&E, see what shook columnist Bruce Hetrick's world five years ago.

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Low-profile CIB leader embraces tough financial task

Lathrop Watch VideoAnn
Lathrop's interactions with the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts aren't what she might have envisioned as a young
college student pursuing a career in sports medicine. Now president of the city's Capital Improvement Board, her relations
with the teams are tied to their financial conditions rather than the health of their players.

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Job searches dragging on a year later

Out of six professionals IBJ profiled a year ago, three have found jobs, although all have accepted lower pay than
they were getting before. One could not be reached, but she still lists herself as looking for work on Two tried
to start their own businesses, with one giving up and one, Bruce Flanagan, still trying.

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MAURER: WellPoint’s Braly bravely takes on fuss

Wellpoint CEO Angela Braly was criticized by President Obama on national television. She incurred the wrath of health insurance
policyholders in California and Indiana. She reignited debate on the moribund national health care reform bill. A woman hasn’t
caused this much turmoil since all those ships were launched by Helen of Troy.

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MARCUS: Hoosiers hear gospel of gambling

Gamblers wagered nearly $30 billion in 13 Indiana
casinos last year. Now, fellow taxpayers, if I understand these numbers, 91 percent of these dollars were returned as winnings and an additional $876 million (3 percent) went to our state and local
governments for our benefit.

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United Way contrast didn’t work

It is unfair to contrast the $1.32 that the townships spend to give away a dollar, with the United
Way spending 16 cents. As I understand it, the townships are giving poor relief directly to individuals and families. United
Way gives their money to agencies.

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Katterjohn will be missed

As the kid said to Shoeless Joe Jackson, “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” But I know it is so since I read Chris
Katterjohn’s [March 1] column stating that he is leaving IBJ.

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Uncertain tax climate could hurt business

Each day, it seems, something new is said by the Obama administration on how best to curb greenhouse gases, whether that
be through a harmful “cap and trade” program or, even worse, stifling Environmental Protection Agency regulation.

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USA Football touring city, considering moving HQ here

USA Football officials toured Indianapolis and met major sports brass on Feb. 26 and are considering several local sites,
including the former Citizens Gas facility on the southeast side, to be its new home. The organization, part-owned by the
NFL, is set to move from its Virginia home later this year.

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