Indianapolis Business Journal

MAY 2-8, 2011

This week, read about a local watchmaker who has spent more than half his life making intricate repairs to timepieces and get a glimpse at what's ahead for Simon Youth Foundation. In Focus, experts and amateurs grapple with how to recast Monument Circle. And in Who's Who, meet the leaders in Indianapolis' commercial real estate industry.

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Developer proposing $100M project for Carmel

A proposed 64-acre development west of U.S. 31 in Carmel would help satiate a craving for retail, but it faces a tough fight from neighborhood groups that want to preserve the thoroughfare’s residential character.

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Adviser reaped unusual fee from Health Foundation

Throughout a two-decade relationship with client Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, money manager Columbus Circle Investors paid a finder’s fee to the foundation’s consultant, Cooke Financial Group in Indianapolis.

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Simon academies shopping for higher profile

The Simon Youth Foundation is looking to become a leading national advocate of alternative education. With a new president, J. Michael Durnil, the foundation hopes to raise more money, find more partners in the business community, and help the public better understand its mission.

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Watchmaker has a flair for precision

Bill Rostiser has practiced watchmaking for more than half of his life. At 60, he has worked 38 years at Windsor Jewelry just south of Monument Circle. During that time, he watched the downtown area flourish, along with the business.

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MAURER: Legislators finish hatchet job

Appreciate the cruel irony. We elected this Legislature and gave them that ax handle to be fiscally responsible, but each of the following actions has the opposite effect on the budget.

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Butler was ‘inept’ and ‘unparalleled’

Regarding [Bill Benner’s] Butler comments in the April 18 issue, quite possibly the reason Clark Kellogg referred to the “unparalleled ineptitude” of Butler was, well, because it was both inept and unparalleled.

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Consumer cutbacks may cost us

I was looking over IBJ today, and I thought to myself, I find all of this depressing, and I was about to set it aside and take it up again later. Then I came to [Bruce Hetrick’s April 25] article, and I realized there was somebody with some sanity in this world.

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PROXY CORNER: Endocyte Inc.

West Lafayette-based Endocyte Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

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