Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 4-10, 2013

In this week's issue, Scott Olson hits the streets with local real estate legend Bif Ward, who is approaching the mind-boggling milestone of $1 billion in career sales. Scott rides along for a day on Ward's rounds and tries to figure out what makes her tick. Also in this issue, Anthony Schoettle uncovers what brought the behemoth Performance Racing Industry Show—with a total local economic impact of $45 million—back to Indianapolis after an eight-year absence. And in A&E, dining reviewer Lou Harry gets the scoop on the super-sized new Yats on Massachusetts Avenue.

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Angie’s List stock falls after growth slows

Never mind that Angie’s List posts a loss every year. Wall Street isn’t worried about that, right now. But let its double-digit revenue growth slow just a bit and, before you know it, the stock has fallen 33 percent—as it did in October.

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Yelp making grass-roots push to boost inroads in Indy

Internet reviewers aren’t always the kindest people when it comes to their opinions, which is a bit intimidating for a mom-and-pop shop. But not embracing Yelp can be outright foolish as the San Francisco-based customer-review website expands its reach in Indianapolis, business owners say.

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KENNEDY: Money doesn’t buy happiness

When my mother told me money can’t buy happiness, she was evidently onto something. Recently, the World Happiness Report recognized Denmark—a cold country with one of those high-tax “socialist, nanny-state” governments—as the happiest nation on Earth.

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LIBMAN: Great Recession isn’t over for the arts

As we all know, the Great Recession that began in 2008 was the worst economic disaster to hit America and the global economy since the Great Depression. While the Great Recession is technically over as measured by economists, millions of Americans are still out of work or have stopped searching for work, and some sectors of the economy have not recovered.

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Zinn events keep spotlight on Daniels controversy

The controversy about former Gov. Mitch Daniels’ emails criticizing the late historian Howard Zinn will continue this month as professors, students and staff members gather at universities around the nation to read Zinn’s writings.

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Rolls-Royce contractor grows on southwest side

Belcan Corp. has hired about 20 people this year and expects to keep adding to its local work force over the next several years as it continues to provide engineering services to Rolls-Royce, its largest local customer.

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