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OCTOBER 18-24, 2010

This week, see why Gov. Mitch Daniels and public schools chief Tony Bennett have a vested interest in who gains control of the Indiana House this fall and read about why Zionsville galleries are closely tracking the development of Carmel's arts district. In Focus, see how area banks are faring in the current economy. And in A&E, find out what Lou Harry thinks of the Indianapolis Museum of Art's new Andy Warhol exhibit.

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Glicks changing charitable approach

After pledging $62 million for a series of high-profile capital projects in and around Indianapolis, Eugene and Marilyn Glick’s charitable foundations are changing directions, making programs and services their top priority.

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Audio recording history on display in dealer’s HQ

Van Ausdall & Farrar got its start when innovator Thomas Edison selected it as an Ediphone distributor. Since then, the company has been proud of its association with the American icon, and now Van Ausdall has its own in-house Voice Museum to pay homage to its history.

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EDITORIAL: Judge North of South project on its merits

The city’s plan to provide an $86 million loan for the mixed-use North of South real estate development adjacent to the Eli Lilly and Co. campus has drawn criticism from those who think the city should focus first on other needs, such as IndyGo and public libraries.

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MAURER: Make a statement this Halloween

What to wear? What to wear? You are probably having difficulty trying to decide on a costume for Halloween. Lady Gaga is reported to be the best-selling costume this year, but if you cannot abide her wacky style, here are some better choices.

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MARCUS: Just ignore ill-conceived rankings

The 24/7 Wall St. website asks the question, “How well-run are America’s 50 states?” To answer this complex question, “we chose what we considered to be the 10 most important ranking [sic] of financial and overall government management.”

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Praise for ‘Q’ column

I agree with [Mickey Maurer’s Oct. 4] thoughts on the “Q factor.” In the first 14 years of my career, I never considered it. The result was seven relocations and our kids being in three schools by fifth grade.

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Lilly falls short on ‘field goal’ attempt

Eli Lilly and Co.’s “miss” on a new use for its cancer drug Alimta was a rare failure to get an existing drug approved for a new use—even though the company has struggled mightily to get entirely new drugs to market.

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PROXY CORNER: Arcadia Resources

Arcadia Resources Inc. offers pharmacy services. In addition, the company provides home health care staffing and sells medical equipment by catalog. Its flagship pharmacy product is DailyMed, which packages dosages of prescription medicines into individual packets labeled with the time of day they are to be taken.

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