Indianapolis Business Journal

OCTOBER 25-31, 2010

This week, see what Steak n Shake has cooking when it comes to store design and read about how an old-school costume shop helps customers dress to thrill. In Focus, find out how farmland sales are faring in the 'burbs. And get IBJ publisher Greg Morris' take on the economic news of late.

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Old-school costume shop survives new competition

Costumes by Margie isn’t a strip mall box store full of packaged—and disposable—costumes for sale. The shop has a variety of clothing and accessories for rent and a staff, including owner Cheryl Harmon, ready to help put together whatever disguise a customer can dream up.

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GIGERICH: Education, economy are closely tied

Ten years into the 21st century, most people understand that a strong education system is vital to ensuring long-term economic development success. Where things become fuzzy is in defining what comprises a strong education system and, more important, the required outcomes of that system.

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ALTOM: Can new technology make a toilet cleaner?

In a previous issue of IBJ, another columnist wrote that technology can raise the productivity of toilet cleaners. It wasn’t a central part of his argument, but as you might imagine, it caught my eye. I couldn’t resist looking into bathroom technology.

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