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SEPTEMBER 10-16, 2012

This week, read about how plans for an Indian casino in northern Indiana could affect state tax revenue and find out what's taking Conner Prairie to the frontier of  science education. In Focus, see what tax breaks you could be missing if you commute. And in A&E, join Lou Harry high above Eagle Creek Park.

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Airport may carve up ex-terminal property

Indianapolis International Airport managers say they haven’t given up hope that a single, mega-sized tenant could create an economic development boon at the site abandoned nearly four years ago when the midfield terminal opened. But the latest listing of redevelopment sites shows the former terminal complex being marketed in pieces.

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Commuter subsidies often go unnoticed

In a dark little corner of the tax code known as Section 132(f), the IRS lets employers provide tax-free benefits—typically, payroll deductions and/or subsidies—to employees for commuting costs. That includes vans, buses, bikes, trains, and even parking. And both parties can save, since they’re not getting dinged for their respective taxes on the amount of the benefit.

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EDITORIAL: Rally to save the symphony

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is in a mess that will be hard to recover from, but it’s not too late for the symphony’s depleted management, the musicians and the community to rally and save one of the city’s top cultural attractions before it’s permanently crippled.

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MORRIS: Fox 59 is serious about local news

The announcement was made back in May and IBJ reported on it again in last week’s paper. However, I want to highlight WXIN-TV Channel 59’s expanded news coverage in the 6 p.m. hour, Monday-Friday, which starts airing this week. It’s the latest expansion of news at Fox 59 and the move is significant.

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HICKS: Global slowdown makes its way to Wyoming

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently spoke of a slowing world economy at the annual fete of world economists in Jackson Hole, Wyo. His speech was the typical measured prose of someone whose choice of adverbs has the capacity to send markets diving. However, to an experienced listener, two interesting tidbits emerged.

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Different conclusion

Studying the same subject, I came to a different conclusion, especially when the whole story is revealed [Kennedy column, Aug. 27].

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Thank you for [Benner’s Sept. 3] commentary on Lance Armstrong. I could not believe my ears when Travis Tygart of the United States Anti-Doping Agency announced something of the sort of “since Lance Armstrong will not prove himself innocent, we must find him guilty…”

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Symphony shrinking from greatness

The recent proposals [Sept. 3 IBJ] by the board of directors and the compliant management of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra to “save” it will only lead to its demise if implemented.

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Another CDC fan

Thank you for running the [Sept. 3 Forefront] remarks from Sam Odle about the important role that community development corporations play in tackling the challenge of rebuilding our neighborhoods.

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Too many TIFs

“Carl” [Aug. 20 Taft column] most likely would have taken the job in another factory at lower wages and taken night classes to train for a better job. He needs the income to support his family.

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Informed beats hype

In the same [Aug. 27 Hetrick column] that tells the reader how “…citizens of third-world countries line up for miles, hours and even days to cast ballots…” he also tells the reader that votes in the United States are being suppressed because we close the polls at 6:00?

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