Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 9-15, 2013

This week, see what new Indy Chamber chief Michael Huber envisions for the organization and find out why a partisan battle is brewing over the Marion County Sheriff's Department. In Focus, explore the rationale for the trails sprouting throughout the northern suburbs. And in A&E, Lou Harry introduces the new Playscape area at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

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Pan Am Plaza hotel may sweeten bowl bid

Indianapolis officials hope to include plans for a new downtown luxury hotel in their bid for the 2018 Super Bowl, but they’re not sure all the pieces for a deal—potentially on Pan Am Plaza—can be put together before a bid presentation for 32 NFL owners in May.

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Menard fires back in court fight with Hilberts

Menard has countersued Tomisue Hilbert for “abuse of process,” saying she filed her lawsuit only after companies controlled by Menard removed the Hilberts as managers of a private equity firm and sued to recover millions of dollars in fees paid to the Hilberts.

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KENNEDY: Revenue enhancement, anyone?

Public finance these days reminds me of those fellows we used to encounter at the county fairs—the ones who twisted balloons into fantastic shapes, making horses or dogs from oblong balloons they blew up. Push the balloon here and watch a shape emerge there, and wonder if it would pop.

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Hicks: Incomes won’t rise until communities improve

Indiana has many fine communities with good schools and great local amenities. High-earning households are eager to live in these communities, and businesses flock there to obtain access to those workers and consumers. Indiana also has many poor communities with weak schools and few amenities. Households and businesses flee such places.

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Kennedy not missed

Regarding Sheila Suess Kennedy [Aug. 26] leaving the Republican Party, Roy Clark once sang a line that fit her: “Thank God and Greyhound she’s gone.”

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Wealth coach disciplined

The Indiana Securities Division has summarily revoked the investment adviser registrations of William R. Muench and his Greenwood-based Aperio Wealth Management. The division alleges that Muench did not answer the door when division personnel arrived at his office last July for a routine compliance investigation. It also alleges Muench filed inaccurate information concerning his address. […]

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