Hilbert in-law’s insurance fraud trial set for October

As IBJ reported last year, Houston-based American General Life Insurance Company is attempting to invalidate a $15
million policy it issued in January 2006 insuring the life of Germaine “Suzy” Tomlinson—Conseco Inc. co-founder
Stephen Hilbert’s mother-in-law—who died Sept. 28, 2008, at age 74.

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Hilbert in-law’s life insurance dispute takes odd turn

Local businessman J.B. Carlson contends the $15 million life insurance policy he took out on Stephen Hilbert’s mother-in-law
was legitimate, because she served on his firm’s board and was a key decision-maker. The mother-in-law, Germaine
“Suzy” Tomlinson, died at age 74 last September—just 32 months after the policy was issued.

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