Indiana-born coat-checking firm gains steam after ‘Shark Tank’ appearance

Derek Pacqu&eacute, who started CoatChex in 2010, appeared a year ago on the ABC show in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to prominent investors. Billionaire Mark Cuban offered to invest but wanted a large ownership stake. Pacqu&eacute said no, and has since grown his company.

But really, he said, the company is doing just fine without the billionaire.

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Crowd funding taps passionate fan base for fantasy figurines

A growing number of small game companies will join a pantheon of industry titans starting Aug. 15 at the Gen Con Indy gaming convention. The small guys are there largely because they can get the money they need to keep themselves alive via the fundraising technique known as “crowd funding” or “crowd sourcing.”

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Venture capital favoring later-stage firms

Getting $50,000—often from friends and relatives—to develop a product and set up a company still is easy enough in Indiana, small-business leaders and venture capitalists say. But once a firm needs a few million dollars to grow into a revenue-generating operation, the area can’t compete with Silicon Valley’s magnetism for venture capital.

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