PETERSON: Time is right for state-funded preschool

The case for broad, state funding for preschool has always been strong. Three recent developments make it overwhelming. First, Marion County families are demanding high-quality preschool for their children. For the second straight year, there have been more than twice as many applications for financial support as there are available scholarships. Parents care about their […]

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In the new year, building on the successes of 2005:

This past year was one of the most active and successful in our city’s history. We pushed through legislation to fund an expansion of the Indiana Convention Center and build a new multi-purpose stadium, both of which will be tremendous boons to our region’s economy, pumping in more than $2.25 billion in investment and creating more than 4,200 permanent jobs over the next 10 years. In addition, through the leadership of the governor and legislature, a one-of-a-kind regional funding solution…

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