BOHANON & STYRING: Worries about looming deflation are overblown

Near-zero interest rates were supposed to pep up the economy. Six years and 10 months later, economic growth has been positive, but anemic. The unemployment rate has fallen to 5.1 percent, but labor force participation rates are at record lows and full-time jobs are hard to find.

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Let’s put the gas-price-conspiracy theory to rest

A funny thing happened on our way to the gas station last week. We’d heard world oil prices were tanking. We expected our fill-up to be a bargain. But to our dismay, retail gasoline prices had spiked to nearly $3 a gallon. It turns out the BP refinery in Whiting had been partially shut down for […]

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BOHANON & STYRING: Social Security funding crisis is already here

The most recent Report of the Social Security Administration projects that, in 2020, interest earnings will not be enough to cover Social Security’s deficit, so the Social Security Trust Fund’s balance will begin to decline. It is expected the balance will be zero sometime in 2034.

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