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APRIL 12-18, 2010

This week, see what challenges come with the opportunities tied to Butler University's run to the NCAA men's basketball title game and see what Indianapolis Airport Authority officials think of a Florida probe into CEO John Clark's past travel expenses. In Focus, read about the difference Women's Fund of Central Indiana is making in the community. And in A&E, etc., get Lou Harry's take on the new Tara Donovan exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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Centaur bets on risky restructuring plan

Bankrupt Hoosier Park owner Centaur Inc. has offered its creditors a risky reorganization plan. For it to work, dozens of
hedge funds must stay in the game, in return for a chance to buy a big chunk of the company later.

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Adjunct instructors organize at IUPUI

Two problems come with prevalent use of adjunct instructors: a perception that adjuncts reduce the quality of instruction
and the adjuncts’ frustration with low levels of pay, security and benefits, and appreciation.

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Nursing home association facing big debt

The Indiana Health Care Association is looking for a new leader even as it tries to dig out of a pile
of debt. Current President Steve Smith, whose contract expires Nov. 30, says he’s put the organization on a path to be financially stable by 2012. But his predecessor says Smith has ruined a once-strong organization.

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Airport shrugs off CEO probe over travel allegations

The Indianapolis Airport Authority board had heard the allegations that John Clark, their star candidate for airport CEO,
spent big on world travel while chief of the Jacksonville Aviation Authority. Now, the Florida state attorney is collecting
travel records there and information from Indianapolis about trips Clark made here for job interviews.

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Hospitals stand to gain big by hiring docs

To understand why hospitals are so eager to employ physicians—and prevent them from owning their own facilities—look
no further than the latest data on how much doctors are paid compared with how much revenue they generate for hospitals.

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HARTON: Escape your ‘information cocoon’

The information age is almost always spoken of in glowing terms. Information is empowering,
so we’re told, even if it comes from a cave in the Middle East or a basement down the block or a corporate media machine
that needs something—anything—to fill the gaps between the advertising on a 24-hour news channel.

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MARCUS: Not all business owners are entrepreneurs

A serial entrepreneur often thrives on getting a business going, making it a success, then selling it off by
taking the firm public, or selling it to private investors or to another firm. The business owner, by contrast, often remains in the same
place, doing the same thing year after year.

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Brizzi story was misleading

As a longstanding member of the Indianapolis Bar and reader of IBJ, I was surprised and very disappointed to see
an article appearing in this week’s issue [about Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi] suggesting that a sentence
reduction provided to Guilford Forney was based not solely on the merits.

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Airport’s ideas are a joke

I was more than a bit taken aback by the lame revenue generation suggestions offered in the lead story of [the March 29]
IBJ (“Airport seeking revenue boost”).

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Small schools give bang for buck

Economist Morton Marcus [on March 29] took issue with the notion that college and university graduation rates can be improved
by tying compensation to increases (or decreases) in institutional graduation rates.

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Need quality, quantity in higher ed

In his [March 29] column, “Set sights on education, not graduation,” Morton Marcus raises a vital point about
Indiana’s higher education reform efforts—but he overlooks a larger one.

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Editorial understated MIBOR commitment

Your editorial in the March 29 edition praising State Farm and city leaders for the commitment to the [2012 Super Bowl] housing
“legacy project” was very commendable. But we do have a correction to what you stated about our piece of the project.

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Hinkle would be proud of Butler

Butler showed the “big boys” what true Indiana basketball is about and that the kids
from the small cities and towns can keep up with the big schools.

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Grocers raise thousands for earthquake relief

Marsh Supermarkets and its customers have contributed $100,000 to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. The Kroger Co.’s
Central Division and students from Indianapolis Public School 46 raised more than $106,000, mostly from Kroger customers and

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Members: Anthem health plans subpar

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana fell slightly below average for customer satisfaction among scores of health
according to a new survey by California-based J.D. Power & Associates.

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NFP of NOTE: Dress for Success Indianapolis

Dress for Success Indianapolis promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire,
a network of support, and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

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