Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 22-28, 2013

This week, learn how local TV stations are preparing for a major sea change in the weather-broadcasting environment: the return of Angela Buchman. The immensely popular meteorologist will make her debut soon on WTHR-TV Channel 13 after parting ways with WISH-TV Channel 8, and all the competitors are fine-tuning their weather-casting teams in response. Also, find out how a local investment group is taking a shot at bringing pro hockey back to Indianapolis. In A&E, Lou Harry weighs in on the ritzy Plat 99, the latest addition to the CityWay dining lineup downtown. And in Focus, test your knowledge of downtown’s architectural landscape with a 20-landmark quiz on signature design details.

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Advocates for mass transit may need to ante up

The Indianapolis area’s largest employers have spent millions of dollars studying and promoting regional mass transit, but if the idea is going to get past the Legislature, they might have to put money into the $1.3 billion system as well.

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Colts confident they can sell new luxury suites

Colts officials say local demand remains high for suites, even as other NFL teams struggle, and that season-ticket renewals are at 95 percent. The city will foot the $2 million bill for two new suites at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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EDITORIAL: Symphony edict is tone-deaf

Krzysztof Urbanski is undoubtedly touched by genius. The 30-year-old music director of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra conducts with a sensitivity to rhythm and expression that imbues works like Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” with startling vitality and chest-thumping soul.

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MORRIS: Under-the-radar group builds success

The Indiana chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth held its annual Corporate Value Awards dinner April 18. Three companies were recognized for their success: Mainstreet Property Group, Grammer Industries and the Braun Corp.

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Fleeced at the ‘hospital’

In the July 9, 2011, IBJ, I warned that employers and patients are paying a steep price for the shift of physician services to hospital outpatient departments. The [April 8] article about physical therapy services is a clear example of this.

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Priorities upside down

The IBJ reported [April 8] that Center Township has “money to burn” with a surplus of $6.7 million. The article also noted that township spending on needy applicants has actually gone down during the recession.

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Sidewalks before transit

I recently returned home to the Indianapolis area. Growing up in Carmel, the only bus I rode was the school bus. My travels with the military exposed me to mass transit: the subway in New York City, trains in Europe and the Middle East, and the bus and light rail system in Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

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Schmidt Associates will be redeveloping the 500 block of Mass Ave.(Rendering/Schmidt Associates) The architect chosen to design a massive redevelopment on Massachusetts Avenue is undertaking a smaller project on its own office just down the street. Schmidt Associates, which occupies three connected buildings on the triangular block between Massachusetts Avenue and Vermont Street, is moving […]

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