Indianapolis Business Journal

APRIL 8-14, 2013

This week, learn how health care reform is leading the Indiana University Health system to cut 20 to 25 percent of its expenses over the next four years—as much as $1.2 billion annually. There’s more on the medical front in Focus, where J.K. Wall presents a case study in the vagaries of billing—a married couple who paid widely different amount for the same therapy at different hospitals. And don’t miss Kathleen McLaughlin’s special report on the Center Township Trustee Eugene Akers and questions about how he’s spending taxpayers’ money.

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IU Health to chop $1 billion off costs

Even though Obamacare likely will expand health insurance coverage to an extra 500,000 Hoosiers over the next few years, IU Health expects per-patient reimbursements to fall as the federal government, employers and patients all push back on sky-high health care costs.

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Mobile boutique takes pop-up retail on the road

Heather Hogan Pirowski, owner of Retro 101, is among a growing number of retailers who have chosen the nomadic lifestyle . Looking for an alternative to the fixed overhead of a permanent location, they set up shop at a site for a few days or weeks, then pack up and move on.

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Indiana leads in Medicaid change

A society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable. When it comes to health care, the best thing for every Hoosier, rich or poor, is more choices and more incentives for preventive care. In the debate over Medicaid expansion, our aim must be to protect the health of Hoosiers in need and maintain the fiscal health of our state. Expanding traditional Medicaid cannot accomplish both.

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Ban canned hunting

The General Assembly is considering legislation that would allow businesses to continue to provide high-paying customers the ability to shoot white-tailed deer within fenced enclosures.

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Tax cut costs taxpayers?

How would IBJ allow John Zody [April 1 Forefront] to write, “The governor’s 10-percent income tax cut, which would cost taxpayers more than a half a billion dollars …”?

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