Indianapolis Business Journal

AUG. 27-SEPT. 2, 2012

This week, find out why the city of Indianapolis has deployed technology-packed vans to drive all 3,200 linear miles of city streets and read about a Carmel marketing firm described as the "Land of Misfit Toys." In At Home Quarterly, see the changes new owners Forrest and Charlotte Lucas are making to the former Hilbert mansion (complete with 360-degree photos). And in A&E, etc., columnist Bruce Hetrick takes on voter suppression.

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Correcting Kahlo

After reading Chris O’Malley’s [Aug. 13] article “More trees to get the ax along Central Canal,” I wondered what compelled him to include such a liberal amount of speculations of local antagonist Clarke Kahlo when so many credible sources are available for comment.

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Cut Pacers subsidies

Bill Herrick’s op-ed “Run government like a business” [Aug. 20] called for government to take a less-active role in the affairs of business and to run itself like a business. I couldn’t agree more.

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Package of 16 apartment complexes back on the market

The local Zender Family Limited Partnership again is attempting to sell the buildings after failing to attract a suitable buyer four years ago. The family is expecting better results this time because it’s willing to break up the portfolio and sell the buildings individually.

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Bell Techlogix plans local expansion, 204 jobs

The provider of information technology services said it will lease, equip and renovate part of a 100,000-square-foot facility on the city’s northwest side as part of the $1.4 million expansion. Bell has about 450 employees in the metropolitan area.

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