Indianapolis Business Journal

AUG. 31-SEPT. 6, 2015

After much political wrangling, the electric-car service BlueIndy is ready to hit the read. Hayleigh Colombo examines its prospects for success. Also, Scott Olson looks at a snag with the Midtown TIF that has put in peril high-profile projects in the corridor. In addition, Anthony Schoettle looks at a unique partnership that the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon has cut with the media company Gannett.

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Residential Real Estate: Marketplace

Check out what homes are selling for in your area, as well as which house sold for the most money recently. (It went for more than the asking price.) And see which parts of the Indianapolis area have the greatest incomes.

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RICHARDSON: Disobey your attorney and get personal

Strong and effective relationships—with employees, customers and vendors—are the motors that drive business. Too often, managers focus only on the professional aspects and discount what makes us truly unique: our lives outside of work. 

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KIM: Long-term investors let volatility be their friend

We’re biologically wired to avoid losses at any cost, and the bad memories of 2008 are still fresh. So it is perfectly understandable that investors are having a visceral reaction and feeling a great deal of anxiety. By the same token, we believe investors must overcome these biases in order to succeed.

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