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AUGUST 10-16, 2009

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Quest Information goes after government contracts

Quest Information Systems does the kind of contracting where any screw-ups—even those not necessarily of its own
doing—can bring an unflattering public spotlight. The Indianapolis custom software developer works for politicians
and bureaucrats, a group many businesses seek to avoid.

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EDITORIAL: Restore Winona to city tax rolls

If Denver-based Ecolonomic Realty Group decides it wants to pursue a $25 million redevelopment of the old Winona Memorial Hospital site and presents a solid proposal, the city is in no position to turn down the tax revenue it would generate.

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KOVACS: Time is now for health care reform

One of the biggest challenges facing our nation is health care reform. Despite development of the most innovative and significant
advances in medical treatment, our ability as health care professionals to provide high-quality, cost-effective and continual
patient care too often falls by the wayside as a result of misalignments in our health care system.

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SKARBECK: Tax-haven crackdown starts getting serious

If you never got around to opening that Swiss bank account, you might want to wait a bit longer—at least until after
Sept. 23. That is the date the IRS has set for any tax-evading American to come forward regarding 52,000 accounts held at
Swiss banking giant UBS under a Voluntary Disclosure program.

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Susan Bayh has major conflicts

Your editorial last week on Susan Bayh’s memberships on health care company boards was remarkably restrained. There
are SCREAMING conflicts. 

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Whose career counts?

Based on the earnings Mrs. Bayh is receiving from WellPoint and Emmis alone, it would appear that it is Senator Bayh who
should put his skills to work in ways that would free his wife of potential conflict.

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Neighbor input needed in revitalization efforts

Local Initiatives Support Corp. wanted to take a moment to second the ideas expressed last week
in AIA Indianapolis President Sanford Garner’s Viewpoint column. Garner expressed concern that current residents
benefit from revitalization and pointed out the importance of community dialogue as part of the process.

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Study: Health reform would be drag on Indiana economy

If one of the more liberal health care reform proposals becomes law, Hoosier taxpayers would have to spend $425 more per
person every year for the next decade, according to a study released Aug. 4 by Florida-based conservative policy group Arduin
Laffer & Moore Econometrics.

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