Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 12-18, 2013

The upcoming MotoGP motorcycle race could be the last at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as NASCAR officials lobby instead for a stand-alone race for a newly merged sports-car series. Anthony Schoettle has more on the United Sports Car Series that will kick off in 2014, and the impact in Indianapolis of losing MotoGP. Also this week, Andrea Davis has an inside look at two redevelopment ideas for a seven-acre parcel near Carmel's downtown. The catch is that the projects—priced $33 million and $65 million, respectively—each would require a funding kick from the public. And in A&E, Lou Harry surveys the new goodies offered by food vendors at the Indiana State Fair.

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Crowd funding taps passionate fan base for fantasy figurines

A growing number of small game companies will join a pantheon of industry titans starting Aug. 15 at the Gen Con Indy gaming convention. The small guys are there largely because they can get the money they need to keep themselves alive via the fundraising technique known as “crowd funding” or “crowd sourcing.”

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KENNEDY: Detroit reflects our moral bankruptcy

The city of Detroit has declared bankruptcy. It is the largest city in the United States ever to do so, and the punditry—what the late Molly Ivins called “the chattering classes”—are pointing fingers at those their particular ideologies suggest are to blame. It’s “white flight” or de-industrialization or lack of economic diversification or corrupt government or a combination of these and more.

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Hicks cited poor research

In his Aug. 3 column, Mike Hicks made a wide-ranging attack on colleges of education as refuges of mediocrity, insularity and poor research.

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Cops before cricket

Cricket fields, a league, tournament play and the economic benefits they might bring to Marion County could have all been enjoyed without spending $6 million from the city’s budget [DeGaris column, July 29]. In fact, not one tax dollar needed to have been spent.

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