Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 5-11, 2013

In this week's issue, we have a number of pieces focusing on the city's approach to crime, including news that the tax-averse Ballard administration is willing to consider an income-tax hike to add more police officers. Also this week, Chris O'Malley takes a look at a recent stumble by City Securities Corp., which could lose its grip on the Indiana municipal bond market. And Scott Olson examines the flood of new downtown apartment projects and their possible effect on the retail market. The projects will add another 170,000 square feet of apartment-anchored retail, leading to a potential glut as existing downtown storefronts struggle to find tenants.

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Delta Faucet builds innovation machine in Carmel

One of Indiana’s most innovative companies in the past decade doesn’t make surgical instruments or drugs or engines. It makes water faucets and toilets. Delta Faucet Co. has secured 589 patents in the past 20 years.

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New retail downtown sitting idle

A flood of downtown apartments coming on the market is leasing up quickly, but much of the attached retail space continues to languish as some begin to wonder whether the residential boom will create enough retail demand.

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City Securities’ stumble opens door to rivals

City Securities Corp. has dominated the Indiana municipal bond market for decades, but the firm’s recent $580,000 settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission could give issuers pause and competitors a foot in the door in the underwriting business.

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New front opens in family battle over Mel Simon fortune

Bren Simon is pushing hard for a distribution from the estate now, citing as precedent an Indiana Court of Appeals ruling in another case that “as a matter of policy, beneficiaries should not be starved of distributions to which they are undisputably entitled.”

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Life sciences venture capital dips again

Venture capital surged in the first half of 2012, to $51.6 million in Indiana. But the pace of activity here fell off sharply in the second half of last year, and remained sluggish into 2013.

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Mass-transit planners unveil proposed route details

Central Indiana’s mass-transit planners unveiled detailed route information for the first time Wednesday and say a series of open-house meetings in August will be the public’s last chance to request changes before final recommendations.

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Small-business lending is key to full economic recovery

Availability of credit is one of the most fundamental issues facing small businesses, and small businesses are one of the most crucial drivers of commercial real estate demand. Thankfully, both the financial markets and the economy are not where they were just a year ago, as they have strengthened considerably to the point where it […]

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EDITORIAL: Better transit for better achievement

A landmark Harvard University study on income mobility released late last month brought uncomfortable news for those who have come to view Indianapolis as a diamond in the Rustbelt rough. Unigov, downtown revitalization, amateur and professional sports, a stable economy—none of it apparently has done enough to help the poor.

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MAURER: Good jobs build civic pride

Businesses across a broad spectrum are adversely affected when a headquarters is lost. Our firms suffer when goods and services are no longer purchased locally. The mediocre occupancy rate in downtown office space is a direct result of vanishing downtown headquarters.

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RUSTHOVEN: The fish in this barrel reek

It’s nice when a fellow Hoosier hits the big time. Latest is Princeton’s Sydney Leathers, who exposed Anthony Weiner, ex-congressman and now New York City mayoral candidate, for continuing the “sexting” behavior that forced his House resignation.

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CNO Financial gung-ho on share buybacks

The Carmel-based financial services company said that, during the second quarter, it repurchased $59.4 million of its securities, including 4.4 million common shares for $50 million.

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