Indianapolis Business Journal

AUGUST 5-11, 2013

In this week's issue, we have a number of pieces focusing on the city's approach to crime, including news that the tax-averse Ballard administration is willing to consider an income-tax hike to add more police officers. Also this week, Chris O'Malley takes a look at a recent stumble by City Securities Corp., which could lose its grip on the Indiana municipal bond market. And Scott Olson examines the flood of new downtown apartment projects and their possible effect on the retail market. The projects will add another 170,000 square feet of apartment-anchored retail, leading to a potential glut as existing downtown storefronts struggle to find tenants.

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New retail downtown sitting idle

A flood of downtown apartments coming on the market is leasing up quickly, but much of the attached retail space continues to languish as some begin to wonder whether the residential boom will create enough retail demand.

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EDITORIAL: Better transit for better achievement

A landmark Harvard University study on income mobility released late last month brought uncomfortable news for those who have come to view Indianapolis as a diamond in the Rustbelt rough. Unigov, downtown revitalization, amateur and professional sports, a stable economy—none of it apparently has done enough to help the poor.

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MAURER: Good jobs build civic pride

Businesses across a broad spectrum are adversely affected when a headquarters is lost. Our firms suffer when goods and services are no longer purchased locally. The mediocre occupancy rate in downtown office space is a direct result of vanishing downtown headquarters.

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