Indianapolis Business Journal

FEBRUARY 16-22, 2015

Anthem Inc. invests a lot in data security, but the health insurance giant still left itself vulnerable on key fronts leading up to the recent theft of 80 million consumer records. IBJ’s J.K. Wall explains how hackers exploited the cracks. Also in this issue, Scott Olson takes the measure of Circle Centre mall on its 20th anniversary and finds room for improvement. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry has a ho-hum experience at Giordano’s.

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Anthem’s IT system had cracks before hack

Anthem Inc. spends $50 million a year and employs 200 people to keep its information technology secure. Yet the Indianapolis-based health insurance giant still left itself vulnerable to hackers on key fronts leading up to the theft of 80 million consumer records.

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As Comcast prepares to exit Indy, questions abound

Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company, is looking to expand with its proposed $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable. But customers in central Indiana won’t come along for the ride. To ease antitrust concerns, Comcast plans to hand 2.5 million customers to a new spinoff called GreatLand Connections.

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Solar industry plots cooperative strategy

Imagine seeing the price of gas drop 50 percent, then finding out you couldn’t take advantage because of a law that excluded drivers who lease their vehicles or whose fuel tank is on the wrong side.

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EDITORIAL: Welcome new sharing services, keep the protection

The genie of service businesses consumers can connect with on their smartphones—like ride-sharing and room-sharing—can’t be put back in the bottle. Particularly popular with millennials, such services are here to stay. Indiana would be wise to create a welcome business climate for them, while protecting the safety of local residents. Legislation wending its way through the General Assembly looks on track to maintain that balance.

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FEIGENBAUM: Lawmakers belatedly turn attention to gambling

After an interim study committee—stacked with lawmakers favorable to gambling interests—recommended a series of items to help Indiana’s casinos and racinos compete with expanded gambling options in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio, it took until Feb. 12 for the principal bill to be heard in a House committee.

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Legal profession racing to navigate through storm

IBJ’s [Feb 9] coverage of the continuing decline in law school enrollments rightly highlights the challenges confronting both the schools and law graduates. I see evidence that these developments may prompt a period of accelerated reform.

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Keep talking about infrastructure needs

Thank you for [Sheila Kennedy’s Feb. 9 column] on the demise of our infrastructure. I’ve been making this point for years and I’m thrilled that it is getting some exposure.

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Legislation tackles big-box retail valuation issue

The bill comes as assessors around the state worry that recent Indiana Board of Tax Review decisions in favor of Meijer and Kohl’s will force them to slash the value of big-box stores during the upcoming spring assessment cycle.

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