Indianapolis Business Journal

FEBRUARY 21-27, 2011

This week, see why farmers' markets are sprouting up during the winter and read about fans' growing interest in the Indiana Pacers. In Focus, get a look at Eli Lilly and Co.'s master real estate plan. And in A&E, Style columnist Gabrielle Poshadlo introduces some local personal shoppers.

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New coach amps up fan interest in Pacers

Much of the credit for the team’s recent upswing—on the court and with fans—is going to the team’s new head coach, Frank Vogel. But he is only the interim head coach, and his future with the team is uncertain.

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Lilly’s master plan for downtown (real estate)

As Eli Lilly and Co. outsources work and sheds unnecessary properties, it is making moves with surplus real estate that could establish the strongest physical connection between Lilly and downtown since the company was founded at Pearl and Meridian streets 135 years ago.

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SHOBERT: Indiana continues to mind the store

Indiana’s current fiscal position points a way forward, illuminating what the next decade of good government, and good partnership between municipalities and businesses, should look like—not only at a regional level, but for the nation as a whole as well.

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SKARBECK: Get set for a landslide of social media IPOs

Social media seems to be the talk (or, um, tweet) of the town these days. While hundreds of millions of people are using these tech media to interact with one another, the question investors are trying to answer is, what are these businesses worth?

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Armageddon does not lie ahead

We at City Securities Corp. disagree with those predicting Armageddon. It is our belief that the vast majority of municipal issuers nationally are in sound financial condition.

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Defense industry loss

What IBJ fails to disclose are the 14,580 permanent jobs lost in Indiana in our defense industry over the past 30 years.

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