Indianapolis Business Journal

FEBRUARY 22-28, 2010

This week, find out how President Obama's stimulus efforts could help small business and what Sen. Evan Bayh's impending retirement might mean for federal funds going to Indiana. In Focus, read about how commercial real estate brokers are coping with hard times. And in A&E etc., Lou Harry socializes at a new Broad Ripple restaurant.

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Plan for optional interstate tolls may hit potholes

A proposal to add optional toll lanes to parts of Interstates 69 and 65 raises all kinds of questions, such as how to squeeze
more lanes into the crowded I-69 corridor northeast of the city. And it’s debatable whether toll lanes could make more
money than they cost to implement.

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Tobacco programs will be protected

With respect to your editorial in the Feb. 1 issue supporting the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation agency, your intent is
pure and laudable, but I fear you miss the point.

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More mobility options mean opportunity

The Central Indiana Transit Task Force unveiled a comprehensive plan for mass transit. It’s a combination of expanded
bus service and light rail that addresses the challenges of urban residents seeking job opportunities across the metro areas.

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WellPoint hits bottom with customers

Even before WellPoint dissatisfied President Obama over its rate increases in California, it wasn’t doing so hot satisfying
its actual customers, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

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