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JAN. 30-FEB. 5, 2012

This week, find out what Indianapolis' first Super Bowl could mean for the future of the city—and then bookmark our special Super Bowl XLVI page, which will be updated with the latest coverage through Feb. 6. Also, read about what's brewing at the former Market Square Arena site. And in A&E, Lou Harry shares his thoughts on the "Turf" art showcase downtown.

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Purchase lifts effort to develop MSA site

A community development corporation linked to the city of Indianapolis has bought the 1.87-acre parking lot that borders the former Market Square Arena site, a move that some say could be the catalyst to finally redeveloping the entire vacant site.

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TV stations prepare to unleash Super Bowl blitz

Local TV news operations have built temporary studios downtown, budgeted thousands for overtime, assigned special Super Bowl beats to field reporters, and will broadcast hours of extra news coverage between now and Feb. 6, the day after Super Bowl XLVI.

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ExactTarget’s IPO plan could draw out suitors

Firms pursuing IPOs simultaneously investigate the possibility of a sale as a matter of course, in part because doing so helps investment bankers assess how they should price shares if they pull the trigger on an offering.

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KENNEDY: Confront the shampoo girls at your peril

There is statistical evidence that licensing acts as a barrier to entry into a profession, and also as a barrier to labor mobility (since states have different requirements, licenses are considerably less portable than one might imagine).

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COMPTON: School reform in the Kingdom of Happiness

Poignantly, the citizens of Bhutan measure gross national happiness, not gross national product. With goals of good health, community vitality, good governance and sustainable development, they are also creating a unique education system.

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FEIGENBAUM: Democrats’ end game difficult to decipher

While the end game sought by House Democrats was elusive as they tried to halt the right-to-work bill advocated by all but a handful of House Republicans, the Jan. 25 passage of the legislation in the House doesn’t necessarily offer new certainty.

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Styring off the mark

I was frankly stunned when I read Bill Styring’s unfortunate [Jan. 23 Forefront] column on the mass transit proposal being considered by the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee.

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Perks not the point

Per Anthony Schoettle’s [Jan. 23] article on the unprecedented local corporate support to help the city land the Super Bowl, I was disappointed by the lack of context given to the only quote used from our interview.

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Poll: Anthem so-so in customer satisfaction

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield ranked No. 12 in a new national customer satisfaction survey, but the poor showing doesn’t appear to threaten the Indianapolis-based company’s business success.<

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