Indianapolis Business Journal

JULY 1-7, 2013

This week in IBJ, two CEOs of the area's big hospital systems reveal that their doctors are likely to see pay cuts in the next few years, unless they find new ways to be significantly more efficient. J.K. Wall reports that hospitals are losing millions of dollars on their employed physicians, and that Obamacare and budget battles in Congress are sucking money away from hospitals as well. In Forefront, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett go head-to-head on the question of whether Indianapolis gets more than its fair share from the General Assembly. And in A&E etc., Lou Harry explains why the "Avatar" exhibit at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is so much better than the 2008 movie.

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Issuers of bonds burned by rate hike

Government entities across Indiana have spent the past two years refinancing every possible bond to take advantage of historically low rates, but the savings might not be so easy to come by if rates continue to rise.

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Indy 500 ticket renewals up despite price hike

Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials say they’ve seen no adverse sales impact from a risky move to raise ticket prices for the 2014 Indianapolis 500 by about 15 percent—the first price increase in almost a decade.

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Obamacare rebates total $22.6M in Indiana

Indiana consumers are set to receive rebates that are 59 percent larger this year as Obamacare continues to force health insurers to refund premiums that exceed actual medical claims by more than 20 percent.

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Don’t tamper with charitable deductions

While elected officials express support for the value and impact of charitable giving, proposals on the table indicate a very real threat to incentives that encourage this kind of generosity.

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MCL enlists star power for TV commercials

Last month, Los Angeles-based film producer/director Steve Zukerman filmed commercials inside an MCL Restaurant and Bakery at Allisonville Road and 86th Street and in the Carmel Arts & Design District.

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Smokers get snub from airport

Smokers will have to keep skulking around Indianapolis International Airport, following a board decision June 21 to stick with its hard-line policy of no puffing anywhere on the premises.

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