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JULY 23-29, 2012

This week, find out how a Westfield company is making a splash in a hot industry and see why six Indiana banks are on the U.S. Treasury's radar screen. In Focus, read about a tiny convention that could have a big impact on Indianapolis. And in A&E, etc., Bill Benner offers the NCAA some advice.

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City decides on half block for transit hub

The Mayor’s Office and local mass transit leaders have reached consensus on a site for a $30 million downtown transit center. The preferred location is a city-owned surface parking lot along Washington Street between the City-County Building and Marion County Jail.

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Mudathlon makes a splash as obstacle course races grow

A 3-year-old Westfield has taken advantage of the adventure-race trend by staging Mudathlons–obstacle courses conducted in the mud. More than 12,000 people were expected to participate in Mudathlon’s four races this summer, up from about 2,000 at the company’s first two races in 2010.

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MAURER: Jim Rogers is rarely outmaneuvered

“My grand pappy was a chess grand master,” Jim Rogers declared as we sat down to a game back in the early 1990s. Jim was a pal. When he and his wife, M.A., lived in Carmel, we vacationed together and enjoyed running and biking on the weekends. He was a competitor. He liked to win.

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Domestic partner benefits unwise use of tax dollars

After listening to the testimony during the June 5 City-County Council committee meeting, and speaking with both supporters and opponents of the proposed domestic partner benefits, I noticed a common theme of “this will make Indianapolis more competitive.” This is untrue.

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