Indianapolis Business Journal

June 20-26, 2011

This week, find out what obstacles the city has to overcome to make its ambitious tech plan a reality. Also read about what new kind of farming is fanning the economy in Madison County. And check out our annual Indiana 100 section to see how the state's largest companies fared in 2010—and see which privately held firms made our fastest-growing list.

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Community Health adopts low-cost mantra

Community Health Network has embarked on a strategy to become a low-cost, high-output machine in order to survive the coming harsh economic environment that an aging population and expanded health care coverage promises for hospitals.

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Merger of cell phone titans takes glow off Brightpoint

Some analysts say investors overreacted to the risk Brightpoint would lose T-Mobile as a customer. Merriman Capital's Scott Searle estimates the earnings impact from losing that client would be “dramatically less than investors originally feared” and “is more than adequately reflected in the stock price.”

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Medco deal loses its luster

New Jersey-based Medco has hired just 430 workers in Whitestown—far short of its commitment of 1,400 by 2012—and its business trends suggest the company is shrinking, not growing.

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