Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 5-11, 2017

Landlords across Indiana are feeling the pain from the collapse of Marsh Supermarkets, but none more so than a Canadian firm that had as many as 12 of the grocer’s stores in its portfolio, Scott Olson reports. Also in this week’s issue, Anthony Schoettle explores how Lids Sports Group is embracing changes in shopping habits. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry has a hole-by-hole breakdown of the new mini-golf attraction at Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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CATE: Planning matters in climate battle

Indiana University has announced a $55 million initiative—Prepared for Environmental Change—in collaboration with a bipartisan coalition of government, industry and community leaders. It is part of IU’s Grand Challenges commitment to address some of the most critical issues facing our state. 

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KENNEDY: Framing the social safety net

Attitudes about social welfare can be divided into two utterly incompatible categories: The use of citizens’ tax monies to provide a safety net is viewed either as charity or as self-interest, properly understood.

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