Indianapolis Business Journal

JUNE 8-14, 2015

HHGregg Inc. has tried for four years to reverse sliding sales. Now it’s ready to take drastic measures. In this week’s IBJ, Scott Olson reports that Gregg plans to cut costs by $50 million—and inventory by another $50 million. Also this week, Jared Council takes stock of the new services promising to deliver restaurant meals to your door. And in A&E Etc., Lou Harry has high praise for Nourish on the near-south side.

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Health insurers request modest rate hikes

While health insurers in states around the country have proposed large rate increases for the health plans they sell on the Obamacare exchanges, insurers in Indiana are asking for modest increases or even decreases. The bad news is that it appears the rest of the country is just catching up with Indiana’s already-high prices.

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Rand Paul’s words show his folly

Most Republicans didn’t need convincing that our 2016 presidential nominee shouldn’t be Sen. Rand Paul. But if doubt remained, Paul’s performance during the recent debate on Patriot Act extension eliminated it. Whatever one’s views on the debate’s underlying merits, Paul’s contributions spoke volumes about the judgment and character of the Kentucky ophthalmologist-turned-politician. Start with his […]

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HETRICK: For bicentennial, bring on good, bad, ugly

The Hoosier cynic in me said that what Indiana needs to do over the next half century is catch up with things the rest of the world accomplished 50 years ago—things like local government reform, competitive-with-the-nation wages that can support families, antidiscrimination laws that provide equal protection for all of our citizens, and protection of our state’s reputation from standup comedians and seven-figure PR firms.

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Common wage repeal will harm tax collections

Peter Rusthoven’s praise over the repeal of Indiana’s common construction wage law [May 11 Taking Issue] should have been characterized as praise for creating more low-income Hoosiers, as that was the intended goal of this new law.

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