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MAY 19-25, 2014

One of Mayor Greg Ballard's keys to stengthening Marion County is to attract high-earning residents who can bolster the tax base. But new research shows that the number of people living in low-income areas of the eight donut townships has grown sixfold since 2003. IBJ's Kathleen McLaughlin examines the challenges facing the suburban townships. Also this week, Andrea Davis details how cash-strapped school districts are concocting unusual ways to raise money. And in A&E Etc., Mike Lopresti revisits the saddest day in Indy 500 history with A.J. Foyt and Johnny Rutherford.

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Aging suburbs facing long road back

Poverty is encroaching on the outer townships of Marion County, adding to their handicap in the competition with doughnut counties, where houses are newer, and sidewalks, sewer connections and bike paths come standard.

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1960s-era city zoning code gets overhaul

City planners hope a proposed overhaul of the Indianapolis zoning code that’s just a few weeks from its public unveiling will make the city greener and more bike- and pedestrian-friendly while easing the path to high-density, mixed-use development.

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Lilly’s latest sales strategy: the soft sell

Eli Lilly and Co. thinks it has a secret weapon to return to growth. No, it’s not a new blockbuster drug—although Lilly will most likely have several new products hit the market this year and next. Rather, it’s an unorthodox, softer approach put into play by its U.S. sales force.

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BMO Harris shaking up rules of game for car loans

BMO Harris Bank’s dealer compensation change—to a flat-fee based on a vehicle’s purchase price—brings to light how consumers have for years unknowingly footed a payment to dealers through higher interest rates on their car loans.

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GROSS: Toward a more welcoming Indiana

As co-president of Indianapolis Parents, Families, Friends & Allies of Lesbians and Gays, I hear stories of heartbreak as mom after mom tell me about their children leaving because they do not feel welcome in Indiana. We as moms want to be together as a family during important times. However, because our children are moving out at such a feverish pace we miss out on so much.

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No place to hide

I am definitely a free speech advocate, even if the opinion being expressed is reprehensible [May 5 Lopresti column].

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Indiana on right track

Shaw Friedman writes in his [April 29 Viewpoint] that “tax cuts undermine prosperity” and laments the move to cut business taxes over the past decade of Republican leadership. I suspect that the governmental entities’ prosperity will be undermined but maybe not the entire state’s.

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Loves Uber, Lyft

I needed to get downtown the other day. My Uber driver was friendly, had classical music going, and it turned out I was going to one of his favorite places!

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Art museum trimming reliance on endowment

In its proposed budget for the next fiscal year, the Indianapolis Museum of Art will draw less than 6 percent of the endowment for operations. That’s down from nearly 8 percent in recent years and 6.6 percent in the current budget.

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