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MAY 31-JUNE 6, 2010

This week, read about an in-car spy device a Carmel company is marketing to parents of teen drivers and see what challenges entrepreneurial companies are facing as they try to grow. In Focus, find out what's driving a boom in refrigerated warehousing. And in A&E, Lou Harry shares his pet peeves when it comes to distractions during performances.

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Rivers Edge lands Nordstrom Rack, The Container Store

Two sought-after national retail concepts are poised to open their first Indianapolis stores. Kite Realty Group Trust has
recruited Nordstrom Rack and The Container Store as likely anchors of a redevelopment
of Shops at Rivers Edge along 82nd Street at Dean Road.

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Lilly grows Alimta’s sales by shrinking market

In 2008, Eli Lilly and Co. asked drug regulators to change the label on Alimta so Lilly could no longer promote it as a treatment
for all patients suffering from non-small-cell lung cancer, but for only about 70 percent of the patients. Since then, sales
of the drug have accelerated, growing a whopping 48 percent last year.

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Positron has billion-dollar hopes for medical-imaging scanner

A maker of medical imaging equipment that recently moved its headquarters to Fishers has grand plans to reach $1 billion in
sales and build a multimillion-dollar cyclotron facility in five years. But history shows Positron Corp. has been far better
at losing money than making it.

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In-car spy device could drive sales

Carmel-based CarCheckup LLC has created a cell-phone-size device that plugs into a car’s “OBD II” diagnostic port to track
a plethora of data, such as speed ranges, graphs of RPM, and numbers on how hard the car accelerated and braked. The company
is marketing the device to parents of teen drivers, among others.

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MAURER: Early education leads to success

Not only is early childhood education essential to supplement and often reverse the effects of a deficient home environment,
but a rich preschool home environment is also an important indicator of high achievement.

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MARCUS: Health care bill opens doors to change

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a major step forward. It widens the door to health insurance for those
with pre-existing conditions, for employees of small businesses and others currently not covered.

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Race has lost its magic

I hope [Bill Benner’s May 17 column is] right and that the new management at the Speedway finds ways to bring back
the “luster” of the old 500s. But it just doesn’t appear that way.

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Effective stats are new hurdle for U.S. drugmakers

WellPoint Inc.'s announcement of comparative effectiveness research guidelines last week marks a new era for U.S. drugmakers.
The Indianapolis-based health insurer will use studies that compare the effectiveness of one drug against another as a complement
to typical clinical trial research that compares a drug against a placebo sugar pill.

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