Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 1-7, 2010

This week, read about how the developers of the Di Rimini apartment complex escaped oversight after the project was approved and find out why WXIN-TV Channel 59 is adding more local newscasts. In Focus, see what BioCrossroads is doing to keep laid-off life science workers in the area. And check out the latest installment of Mickey Maurer's advice for entrepreneurs.

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Local Fox affiliate fattens up on news

Since 2004, WXIN-TV Channel 59 in 2004 has gone from airing 18-1/2 hours of live local news a week to 54-1/2 hours. And if everything goes as planned, by the end of 2012 it will add a 6-7 p.m. newscast weekdays, bringing the total to an astonishing 59-1/2 hours.

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EDITORIAL: A last chance for City Market

We like the changes afoot at City Market. But if the latest attempt to reposition it doesn’t work, the city should consider mothballing the beloved old building until its surroundings become a benefit rather than a liability.

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MAURER: Have patience with profits

To create a disciplined investment philosophy, I evolved “The Ten Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship You Didn’t Learn in School.”—Over the course of 10 columns, I will feature each of these essential principles. This is the eighth installment.

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Time for townships has passed

I am in agreement with the IBJ position [stated in the Oct. 25 editorial]. It is time to abolish townships and shift their revenue and responsibilities to their respective counties.

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Employee ire forces IU to pull wellness survey

Indiana University will no longer ask employees to fill out an online health risk assessment after more than 550 people—many anonymous—attached names to an online petition that said the plan would cause “widespread anger and disillusionment.”

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