Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 14-20, 2011

This week, find out about the severance package that ex-IPL chief Ann Murtlow was eligible to collect when she left the utility this spring and read about the obscure not-for-profit that is covering shortfalls in Carmel. In Focus, see what the experts have to say about Indianapolis' role as Super Bowl host. And in Forefront, check out Ted Boehm's thoughts on expanding Unigov.

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EDITORIAL: Political gridlock unwelcome here

Now that roughly 30 percent of the city’s registered voters have determined who will lead the city the next four years, we have some advice for Mayor Greg Ballard and the newly elected City-County Council: Keep your victory in perspective.

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Glucose monitor deal helps Roche catch up

Roche Diagnostics will partner with a San Diego firm to incorporate its continuous glucose monitoring sensor with a wireless handheld device Roche is developing to help diabetics test their blood sugar and track their glucose levels throughout the day.

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