Indianapolis Business Journal

NOVEMBER 8-14, 2010

This week, read what the beneficiary of a $15 million life insurance policy has to say about allegations that he duped Stephen Hilbert's 74-year-old mother-in-law and see why sports teams are spending millions on digital signage. In Focus, find out if it's as hard to fire a teacher as people think. And discover what tech expert Tim Altom has to say about connecting with clients on LinkedIn.

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MORRIS: Confessions of a political junkie

I enjoy trying to peel away the outer covering of the business of politics, like an onion, to see what’s underneath. It’s hard to find the truth sometimes, but it has to be buried there somewhere among all the exaggerations and misleading information—or not.

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Seeking growth, Lilly dumps Singapore for China

After recently deciding to close a research center in Singapore, Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Co. has decided to open a diabetes research center in China in the second half of 2011, further ramping up the drugmaker’s presence in the world’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical market.

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