Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 19-25, 2011

This week, read about how the performance of public pensions is affecting cities and find out what local charities think of Groupon's fundraising efforts. In Focus, discover why dynasty trusts are gaining popularity among the super-rich. And Small Biz explores why artists increasingly are taking business classes.

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Irsay blazing a trail through Twitter

The Indianapolis Colts’ Jim Irsay is among only a handful of NFL owners tweeting and has three times as many followers as such high-profile owners as the Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones. His offbeat tweets are seen as marketing genius by some. Others wonder if they ramble a bit too far out of bounds or undermine Irsay’s staff.

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RCA Dome ‘insanity’

What never seems to get mentioned anymore is that we, the citizens of Indianapolis, are still on the hook for around $70 million on a facility (RCA Dome) that was reduced to an ash heap three years ago.

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Back in the action

In December 2010, Mickey Maurer wrote the following in one of his columns: “I made a big mistake almost 20 years ago when I decided I had created sufficient wealth to cash in on the American Dream.

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Kennedy spot-on

I was surprised and very pleased to see and read [Sheila Suess Kennedy's] column in the [Aug. 29] IBJ regarding marijuana.

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PROXY CORNER: KAR Auction Services Inc.

Carmel-based KAR Auction Services Inc. is the holding company for ADESA Inc., which operates used-vehicle auctions at 70 locations, Insurance Auto Auctions Inc., which operates salvage auctions at 159 locations, and Automotive Finance Corp., which provides floor-plan financing at 89 locations.

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