Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPTEMBER 23-29, 2013

This week, see how the Fishers Redevelopment Commission is helping to remake the fast-growing community and read about why a group of elite investors are giving back most of the money they made from Tim Durham's Fair Finance Co. In  Focus, take a look at the booming rental market in downtown Indianapolis. And in A&E, Lou Harry explores the best of the West at the Eiteljorg.

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RCA brand lives on, sans Nipper and Chipper

In a plot right out of Jurassic Park, Thomson Consumer Electronics’ old brands such as RCA and Proscan have been revived from old DNA. They’ve been licensed to companies around the world including Indianapolis-based company that operates as RCA Commercial Electronics.

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IBJ Real Estate Power Breakfast transcript

Indianapolis Business Journal gathered leaders in the state's commercial real estate and construction industry for a Power Breakfast panel discussion Sept. 13. The following is an unedited transcript of the discussion.

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KENNEDY: We need to learn to fight fair

In Florence, Italy, in one of that city’s many museums, there is a famous marble statue of Hercules and Diomedes wrestling. One of them—presumably Hercules—has his hands around the testicles of the other, and ever since we first saw it, my husband has referred to it as the “fight fair, dammit” statue.

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BANKS: Hop the red tape for craft beer

As a legislator, I know from experience that some policy topics are more fun to discuss than others. I’ve served a variety of roles in the Senate, and all of them have had their own share of debate and consideration.

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Stick to business reporting

I’m puzzled by your [Sept. 16] stories “The Brain Drain is a Myth” and “Too Few Jobs for Science, Tech Graduates” and their excessively academic focus on the very practical issue of why there are too few Hoosiers working in high-paying jobs to power our state’s future.

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Schools and health, too

Wouldn’t it be great if a city’s bid to host the Super Bowl [Sept. 9] took into account the quality of the city’s public schools; the overall health of its residents; how the city treats the homeless; air and water quality; a living wage for it hospitality workers; access to grocery stores; the age of its sewers; ability to manage natural disasters (like floods); safe streets, and so on?

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Pilots heap praise on state lawmakers

Indiana aviators are still celebrating two tax breaks created in the 2013 legislative session, one eliminating a sales tax on parts and repairs and a restructuring of the fuel tax that translates to hundreds in savings per fill-up.

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NFP of NOTE: College Mentors for Kids

College Mentors for Kids connects college students with the most to give to kids who need it most by pairing children in one-on-one mentoring relationships with college student volunteers.

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