GUY: The only thing we fear is …

Cognitive bias has an outsized effect. It causes humans to take action when no action is indicated. It prompts a healthy person to seek major medical review when a neighbor has a heart attack, and sheriffs to create barely relevant strategies of personal defense.

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GUY: Don’t run education like a business

Disagreements about education reform result from conflicting models: the business model and the social model. Governors such as Daniels and Pence, reflecting their backgrounds and support structures, tend toward the business model. Superintendent Ritz, with almost 35 years as a teacher/communications coordinator in elementary schools, is more aligned with the social model.

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GUY: How to revive dying service clubs

Despite evidence that change is necessary, some businesses, not-for-profits and associations cannot do it. An example is service clubs. The Indianapolis Jaycees, having had more than 400 members in 1976, appears to have canceled its telephone number. Zionsville Kiwanis ceased business in September.

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